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From Depression to Wholeness: The Anatomy of Healing (2000) by Debbie Thurman

“Debbie Thurman brings an honest and fresh approach to the complex issues surrounding depression. Part personal narrative, part social commentary, part psycho-theological treatise—this book will take you an inward journey from which you will emerge a wholly different person.” (From the back cover)

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Outsmarting Depression: Surviving the Crossfire of the Mental Health Wars (2004) by Debbie Thurman

“Debbie does not mince words in describing how orthodox antidepressant pharmaceuticals can fall short of their claimed efficacy. She balances her charges with the critical fact that major depression, untreated, can be a fatal disease and, in at least 70 percent of people, can be lifted with these drugs. Her emphasis on the psychospiritual and lifestyle contributions to depression and the benefits of understanding its childhood roots for a lasting recovery offers a refreshing rebuttal to the scientifically inaccurate but pervasive view of depression as a chemical imbalance of the brain.”

—The late Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., Former Research Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine

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Hold My Heart: A Teen’s Journal for Healing and Personal Growth (2001) by Debbie Thurman (for girls)

A 10-week/topical devotional journal for 12- to 21-year-olds who need help finding their way through the maze of life’s challenges and pains as they come of age in a world of conflicting values and wounded hearts. A former featured Lifeway and Youth for Christ resource.

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Sheer Faith: A teen’s Journey to Godly Growth (2002) by Debbie Thurman (for boys)

The masculine companion to Hold My Heart, Sheer Faith gives the same godly instruction and encouragement to teen boys who are on the journey to manhood, speaking in the warm and reassuring tones of a mother. A former Marine officer, Debbie knows when to bring tough love into the picture, but it is God who does the real teaching in this ten-week topical journal that is supported by Scripture.

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